Publications of the AKO


The following publications are also available:

“Recommendations on the spelling of geographical names in Austrian educational media”. Vienna 2012 (see here).

The establishment and recognition of “Allgemeine Regeln für die deutsche Rechtschreibung geographischer Namen” based on the Duden-Wörterbuch geographischer Namen, Volume Europa, Mannheim 1966 (see also under Aufgaben).

The composition of the “Geographical Name Book of Austria”, edited by Josef Breu, which was published as Volume 3 of Research on Theoretical Cartography in the publications of the Institute of Cartography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. It is a national geographical name index drawn up in accordance with the 1967 United Nations guidelines and contains all the geographical names on the 1:500 000 official map as well as a large number of names of economic, cultural and regional relevance.

A complete revision and new edition on CD-ROM has been published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences under the title “Geographische Namendatenbank Österreich“.

“Proposals for the writing of geographical names in Austrian school atlases.” (= Wiener Schriften zur Geographie und Kartographie, Volume 7). Ed. by the Institute of Geography of the University of Vienna, Chair of Geography and Cartography. Vienna 1994.